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What is a temazcal?

The sweat lodge, temazcal or inipi is a powerful therapy for bonding with the earth and feeds us the awakening of our ancestral memory. But besides the work for our spirit, this circle of medicine, gives us many benefits in the physical. Currently it is known that the temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to discard toxins, since when the temperature rises above 40 degrees centigrade the skin becomes a third kidney, the high temperature to which we expose ourselves within a temazcal propitious that the body suds, the humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate, so the system of self-regulation of the body (sympathetic and parasympathetic system) responds, (homeostasis) the circulation is accelerated and we sweat even more eliminating the toxins, the skin It turns red indicating that excessive heat and cold are being expelled, achieving the balance that is required in the body, this way you sweat more than when you do any type of exercise since, during and after the temazcal the metabolism of the body reaches a similar rhythm to running or swimming for a long time. It also tones the skin, acts by purifying the respiratory tract and the digestive system, tones the nervous system, helps in bone, muscle and gynecological problems, is an ideal vehicle that transports us to a state of inner peace and tranquility quieting the mind to experience the heat of the bath and of the healing properties that nature gives us through the different medicinal plants that are used in it. The temazcal surpasses in benefit and efficiency the common steam baths, since the person in charge of the temazcal can increase or lower the heat, thus adjusting to the specific conditions that the patient requires, besides the steam is created from herbal teas , herbs that are chosen according to the condition to be treated. The heat must be higher than the normal body temperature to induce perspiration, high humidity inhibits the evaporation of sweat by cooling the body normally, it is estimated that each liter of sweat lost in the temazcal is the equivalent of the work performed by the body. kidney in several days. During an intense temazcalli session, between 2 and 3 kg of body weight are lost, of which a high proportion is water, approximately 1,500 ml of sweat is lost in a session, through which the excretion of terminal products of the metabolism is increased. (toxins) such as uric acid, creatinine, urea, lactic acid, sodium chloride; it also balances the acid-alkaline pH of the blood and contributes to the elimination of heavy metals that are absorbed in modern societies; such as Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Lead among others. When the intensity of the sweat is low, the concentration of these harmful substances is high.

Water is the ideal conductor of electricity, the electricity of our body is best manifested where there is water, if we impede the functions of the skin, cellular debris will obstruct the respiration of this leaving a dry skin and without energy.

By using cold water within the temazcal as part of the therapy, the body makes movement of blood volume, through the heart, this gives way to a quite energetic circulatory exercise (contraindicated in serious heart problems), this is known as the naturists as “blood washing”, by cleaning the blood of impurities, stimulating the sweat glands, circulatory system and naturally improving cardiovascular deficiencies. In fifty minutes of bathing it is possible to eliminate a liter of sweat equivalent to one kg of toxins.

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